"Sandra has a natural talent as a well-rounded artist. She works extremely well with a variety of media- in her precise portraiture as well as in her other artistic venues. She is truly a person who embraces her talent."
-M. Moses
Monroe, LA

"The portraits of our girls are a perfect moment in time. I marvel at Sandra's ability to capture their expression and likeness. She did an amazing job. We look forward to future commissions with her as our girls grow."
-A.M. Weis
Monroe, LA

"Sandra has an amazing work ethic and eye for detail. She seems to capture the very essence of the subject and moment in an heirloom quality treasure. Simply beautiful."
-S.L.D. Cowen
Austin, TX

"Sandra did a beautiful job on my son's portrait. She only met him once, a few months before she did the portrait. She worked from a picture off his website. I wasn't sure how it would turn out- not having a "real" picture, but it turned out wonderfully. Sandra really managed to capture my son in this portrait."
-B. Scott

Austin, TX

"Sandra has this way with light... it's amazing. You can really SEE the skin- see the way it would feel if you touched it. Her paint blends are so exquisite, she has such an eye for the application of color. And children, children are extremely difficult to capture- their expression, their youth- but Sandra pulls it off every time. As you can see from examples of her work, her realism is tremendous and her technique flawless."
-C. Mann
New Orleans, LA"


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